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I am going to create a page of its own to store this however it seems a logical place to start:

I mainly trade around the US session and this is the preparation I carry out before 9.30 EST:

I do not trade the European open but I check what happened in the overnight session with DAX, FTSE and EUR/USD.

1. to see what has happened today and to see what news is coming up that will shape the market today.

2. to watch the European Briefing.

3.!/atoast2toast/following/tweets to see what is going on.

I pay special attention to Rob Spains stream: #ole34 and #ft71

4. – Rob is an awesome trader and shares a lot of great information for free.

5. I want to get information from market profile traders. I subscribe to I add his levels to my Investor RT charts.

Benko is my trading friend from Germany and he often posts a decent plan or some high level analysis:

7. I update my pivots and add these to Investor Rt

I add pivots and Yesterday’s HI LO and Overnight Point of Control.

Chart looks something like:

8. Join chatroom at and talk with vader, govtrade, blackmarkt


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