violent market swings

I got up at 7 AM this morning to take a look at the DAX as it opened. A lot of the moves are in the overnight sessions at present and today was a good one. I had a bias to the upside for today suspecting some sort of relief rally could happen. I read this article which suggested the odds of this happening were quiet good intraday oppportunity after a severe selloff.

The DAX gapped down and closed the gap. This was my target and took most off here. I went out and came back a few hours later and it had continued up for 200 more points. This was reportedly on the back of a successful Italian bond auction. Hmpf, I left easy money on the table. I hate that. Some say there was illegal ECB involvement and will destroy Europe to save the Euro.

Anyway, this chart found at business insider shows is more about gold but shows the volatility of the market of late:


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