nvpocs and hvns below

I have done enough work on the upside for now. I have some follow on from 04/09 post with more homework.

Earlier I was talking with another trader about naked vpocs vs hvns as support below the 1371.5 area. The consensus from both of us was on confluence, the more the merrier.

I marked the high volume areas from the microcomposite and I then transferred them to the composite. The levels which stand out are HVN/MCVHVN 1363-1365 and HVN 1353.5

Here is a close up on how the area traded in the past.

The 1356.75 NVPOC may appear to be important at first glance and may be good for a bounce. I will watch this as I continue to formulate an opinion. It was of importance last time the market was at this level but is isolated from other levels which appear more important above and below. As I have learned 2/3 ticks short of an NVPOC is a reasonable place to expect exhaustion. It may even balance around that area if it goes to 1353.5.


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