homework 04/15

Levels on the chart using developing vpocs from late Feb, some High Volume Nodes and some value areas:

1396/98 – 1 month MCHVN, composite HVN and Value area high

1388.5-1392.5 – HVN and 1 month point of control – thursday overnight high

1377.25 – HVN – 3 of the last 6 days have a VPOC nearby.

1369/1371.5 – LVN got filled out however still key area due to March High and NFP low and Easter Monday.

1363/1365 current level – is high volume node and microsomposite high volume node

1353.5 HVN and important developing VPOC – was last week low

1329.25/1332.75 last pullback low – value area low

The area at 1353.5 was an important area from 16 Feb – Mar 9 (magenta line) – it was also left behind but was tested on Tuesday. 1363/65 was always on my radar as HVN/MCHVN.

Note, I have chosen 16 Feb as it also conforms to the left behind theory – using earlier dates would skew the chart – I am only interested in the prices last time it was at 1353 area – you could use later dates like march 21/22 and you will get the same result.

I have broken the chart into 3 to show the developing vpoc areas over the remainder of the chart as this helps to see where 88, 92 and 96 were filled out – 92 was important on two occasions over the last month and is the poc for all time spent over 1371.7 / post FOMC


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