Looks like a trend day up.

Bulls won the fight today to take 1371 – even with bad news selling was absorbed.

Current Price 1375 – no mans land

Trying to be consistent with the levels I saw on Sunday.

Areas above where I expect a reaction:

1377.25 – HVN – 3 of the last 6 days have a VPOC nearby.

1380.5-1382.5 LVN area (I did not mention this on Sunday)

+15/20 handles from the opening price 1373 is

1388.5-1392.5 (HVN and 1 month point of control – Thursday overnight high)


1369/1371.5 – LVN got filled out however still key area due to March High and NFP low and Easter Monday.

1363/1365 High volume node and microsomposite high volume node – large support area at bottom of balance

Updated – overnight VPOC and YDAY VPOC at key areas below:


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