Have been saying 86-88 is selling off and anything over 91 brings 2012 highs into play

Here is how my prediction for yesterday looks after the fact – A pullback came just after I posted and it was to 1376.25 – it did not pullback in the RTH session and went on to the NVPOC 1367.75 and 1 tick shy of 1388.

European session news was bad but the market continued to push 2 ticks short of NVPOC 1392.75 – this area was also a high volume area from the time of the last FOMC to the last NFP – March 13/April 4.

Today – ONPOC is at HVN 1386.75.

Looks like more bad news

Support 1380.5/1382.5 LVN – yesterday vpoc 1382.75 1383 also RTH HVN

Downside is 1376.75-1377 NVPOC 04/19 & HVN,
a cash gap at 1374.25,
1369/71.5 NVPOC and Cash gap 04/24 (pre apple/FOMC),
1363/65 MCHVN

Upside if the market shrugs off the bad news (doesnt look like it is happening)
1387.5/75 yesterday high
1392.25-1392.75 overnight high, HVN, NVPOC 04/04 & 04/09
1395.5/1396 NVPOC 03/28, HVN


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