news 01/05

Yesterday I wrote:

R3 1411.75 VPOC 03/27
R2 1408/09 HVN & VPOC 04/03
R1 1403 HVN & VPOC 04/04 & 04/05

S1 1392.5-1392.75 – HVN and 2 day vpoc and was resistance but and became support in cash session on Friday.
S2 1386.25-1388.5 – balance crossover area and HVN and VPOC 03/27 & 04/17 – as noted above was resistance – should be support now

Support held and this is how it looked after the news: US ISM Actual: 54.8 Cons.: 53.0 Previous: 53.4

In detail:

1403 has been upside R the last few days – 27k bought on news tripped stops at 15:19 (10:19 EST) – this brought another 20k to the upside. The Bid/Ask Delta moving average peaked around 1404.

Updated – went to my R3 – to the tick


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