what lies beneath

Big gap down last week on Tuesday and after that any test of 1357-1363 was sold during RTH (resistance until broken).

Yesterday failed Fridays Range (hence !!!)

Support for today is again in the area 1333

Yesterday support was at MCHVN 1333.5 (was a HVN until yesterday).
Yday Vpoc 1335.5
Yday Lo 1333.25
Yday Cash Gap 1336
Pivot Point 1337.5

Below Yday Low is 1330.25 – note comments on large gap 1330-1316.75 and thin to 1304.5 (i.e. not strong support)


One thought on “what lies beneath

  1. 30 mins after open:

    1330.25 NVPOC held in ON session, 1333.5 MCHVN held in RTH

    long targets would be 1340.25 – then ONPOC 1342, YHI 1344.75, ONHI 1347, 05/08 VPOC 1348.25

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