fiscal treaty

Reading the papers here today has me feeling some doom and gloom.

Some seem to think that the Greeks will force the Germans to pay for them, regardless of whether they stay in the Euro or leave. Elsewhere in the Eurozone they are now making plans for a Greek Eurozone exit.

An Irish Minister has denied saying that the Irish government has no plan.

Regarding the Irish vote on the Fiscal Treaty

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny faces a stiff challenge to ensure a Yes vote in the fiscal treaty as a new poll shows 35pc of voters are still undecided.

Exactly a fortnight to polling day, an Irish Independent-Millward Brown Lansdowne opinion poll shows the Yes side has a commanding lead.

But more than one-in-three voters are still unsure how they will cast their vote.

The poll, conducted earlier this week, shows 37pc saying they will vote Yes, with 24pc in the No camp. But 35pc of voters say they still don’t know how they will vote, while just 4pc say they won’t vote.

When the don’t knows are excluded, it is 60pc Yes compared with 40pc No.

In Ireland there is a pattern of elections changing at the last minute when some scandal is leaked or made up at the last minute. The Irish government have tried to force people into voting their way and campaigns can be poorly organised.

This came in the door – full download here


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