chart update 06/29

update on ES 1308 and 1300

1342/45 sold hard post FOMC – it is the top of the current value area – For more upside 23/25 region has to hold, else back to 1300/1310 area.

nq intraday – note divergence, someone kept buying as delta way out of line with price

DAX – typo on previous post – the pivotal level was 6130 – the HVN in the middle of the balance

now the previous balance has come into play

euro composite with direction from earlier in the week based on decreasing downside volume:

Euro Intraday:

GBPUSD – made a go for the Naked VPOC from 06/21


2 thoughts on “chart update 06/29

    • hi Benko,

      Yes! It took a few days as usual. The 1307.5 HVN has now moved to 1308.5 – still a key level, even if 50k contracts were “fat fingered” – I saw the delta div yesterday and thought something was funny – I just got NQ and FX data this week but the NQ div stood out – these thin correlated markets behave funny, they say ES is the “horse in the middle” between DJIA and NQ

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