ES 07/11

Close up on price and levels for today – breakdown at 1339 following FOMC minutes:

Intraday 24 hour session:

  • 1357 was pivotal (came within 2 ticks on Tuesday)
  • Value building on consecutive days at 1344/45 and then at 1336/37 (near HVN)
  • Reaction at LVN’s 1356.5, 1327.5

Intraday RTH:

  • 1365 NVPOC
  • 1357 – Resistance
  • 1337/41 2xVPOCS and 2x closes at this level (watching for support turned resistance)
  • S3 went over by 1 tick

Composite for 24 hour session:

  • R2 to S3 in under a week
  • I have moved to using 3 years and a smoothed composite

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