Fridays sell off was severe. The white/black boxes at the bottom are above/below average volume days. The VB (ask vs bid delta) was a large red doji with a wick at the top and solid at the base , indicating that sellers prevailed and any bidders got aggressively hit.

In the final 3 days of last week the VPOC was 1453 Including the 2 days prior it is 1456.75. (Mon/Wed/Fri VPOC 1456.5/57).

Chart I made last night with Time and Volume value areas for RTH only 1451.5, 1459 – 2 NVPOC’s 1449.75,1457 (MCPOC also).

If price returns into the value area (50/51), and > 1453 then watching 1457/59. If price fails 1451 and gets below 1443 then the door is open to retrace to 1428/30.

Chart for last 7 days – 60 min / 24 hour session – the MCPOC is 1456.75.

Blue bands on VAH/VAL (moved slightly to include Time Value areas and also swing high/low).

What is interesting is the Delta % – My thinking is that all it takes is 50.1 vs 49.9 to move the market at any point. Taken over slightly longer time frames to see who wins each individual battle can help determine who wins the war. I originally wanted to determine if any of these were “low volume back tests” in wyckoff terms (https://atoast2trading.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/spring_upthrust.png). The pullbacks were in the overnight and the one with 6.6% more sellers than buyers to 1447.5 area appears in hindsight to have been a low volume retest. The move on Friday afternoon on the other hand was not low volume.

EURO takes out VPOC support and at 50% retrace – thin to 1.2788 HVN > 1.2620.


3 thoughts on “092412

  1. Hi Kevin, I like your style with the comments and screenshots. Nice to see that you also pay attention to the Euro – I think a nicer instrument to trade than the ES.

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