ES 11/15/12

Yesterday vs Template area and especially August 2nd:


2 thoughts on “ES 11/15/12

    • hi Benko,

      what is at 1340? Is 33 LVN area for you?

      You know I was looking at the HVN’s 1373.5, 1363.5 and 1344.25 for support. Well when the price came down I started to look a bit closer.

      1357 (now 1350) was so important on the way up. Looking back this 1350 are was support and resistance many times in 2006,2007, 2008.

      I see EUR (and GBP) have returned to early September levels but the ES is now at the 08/02 area. On 08/02 the Euro was at 1.2200 and Draghi said ” It is pointless to go short on the euro.”

      ES is ignoring ESM-OMT and QE^infinity and in fact the balloon and consequent burst were seemingly compounded by the money pumping. In Ireland we have found that getting long at the top is a very costly exercise!

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