the last 25%

From millionaire traders:


5 thoughts on “the last 25%

    • Russell Futures aka Widow Maker – why stop there ! : Paul buys 20 and scales 5, moves stop to break-even. He gets stopped out and pays his broker everything he made from the first 5 contracts.

      He does a revenge trade of another 20 which go against him and his monkey doubles down and and blows up his account! He wasn’t even supposed to be trading today and now his kids have to go without the GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip!

  1. exactly! you enter, scale 5, get stopped on rest. you’re up 5. next you get full stop on 20 you’re down 15. another stop, you’re down 35. next trade you scale 5 and move the stop to breakeven.. mkt is moving back to your stop, you know you’re down 30 overall … what are you doing? this is more like it, not the nice linear example from the book, lol

    • i know what you mean – sounds like a huge contract size (unless you are a big swinger and feel no fear). The point being that you let your runner run: in the words of Jesse Livermore – “It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting”.

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