ES Jan 7th Levels below

ES is at BBR (bollinger band resistance)

Bollinger Bands are based on moving averages however it lines up with VWAP 2nd Std Dev for swing low to high.


Up-swing was 70 pts. Watching for pullback / measured moves.

Levels, (Need to double check these later).

1463.5: Year High


Currently near:
1458.75/60 NVPOC 01/04 – Volume Node / Fridays area before close.

1455: HVN/ 4 Day POC

1449/50: HVN – bottom of current balance
A close under here is bad for bulls. Under here will drop pretty fast to 1440/4

This is the key area:
1446 / 1444.5 LVN & MultiDayHi / NVPOC
Dividing line – below here is 1 NVPOC to gap area 21/25

1438/40: Gap & LVN / NVPOC — December High so some volume here – thin below to next level

1428/32.5: NVPOC / LVN & MultiDayHi – 50% Retracement

Target for gapfill:
1421/23.5/25’s Major HVN – 60% Retracement, GAPs, Base of Volume Vacuum.

If below 20’s:
1411 Major LVN / 1405 MCPOC / 1400 NVPOC / 7 Year MCPOC

Showing VPOC’s, Gaps, HVN’s


Prior HoD/LoD 1444.5: key area – dividing line !!!
Below here is 1 NVPOC to gap area 21/25


Current Balance:

3 tick higher low
1450’s defended (10 from top).


Intraday – price rejected LVN’s:



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