market manipulation and 1-2-3 reversal

Youtube recommended this video to me and I watched it yesterday – I really like what he has to say, especially about manipulation.

he does elaborate further on his 3 push idea in another video here

also of interest: the 1-2-3 reversal at forexfactory

The original idea behind this thread, a good trader said to me that the first retracement is the best trade. The first higher low/lower high. These retracements provide good opportunites to enter into a move with a relatively small stop loss. A hl/lh confirms a test and failure to follow through at a certain level.

Trades 1 and 3 are the turn trades, at key levels and price extremes (of the session). They are typically in and around the London open (head fake) and in resumption of trend pre/early US session. Look for pa to move counter trend, fake and turn in direction of major trend. Trade 2 is when a trend has been established. It is amazing though how many first retracements coincide with either the close of a good 1hr turn candle or happen soon after the close. See the charts below.


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