fx and futures trading – new learning materials – 07/05/13

Not finished Beat the Forex dealer yet and I promised myself I would read more of Trader Vic’s book.

Anyway, I have added this short pdf: 25 rules of trading.

I finally finished Evidence based technical analysis. I enjoyed the first 100 or so pages but skipped a lot in the middle. Of the remainder I found the following useful on head and shoulders:


And this on Efficient Market Hypothesis:


Aronson mentions this study on volume: market statistics and technical analysis the role of volume (not read it yet).

After reading “No Tears from the square mile” I became more curious about how the city is organised.


At the weekend I read most of Buchanan – “The Game – how the city works”. Those books are not bad if you can buy them cheaply.


I want to find out as much as I can about everything I hear on Ransquawk, including stuff such as “the Libor Strip”. I will read about this in a pretty heavy looking student text:


I also have “Trading Systems; A New Approach To System Development And Portfolio Optimisation By Tomasini & Jaekle”


Barry Johnson “Algorithmic Trading & DMA”, as mentioned at this excellent and very ambitious list at Quantivity.

It should be a fun summer 😉

I also came across some old posts via search engine referrals for “high volume nodes”. Part of the reason I created this page was to recall how I felt at key price points in the past. Some of the posts I wrote around a year ago were good and showed what I was learning at the time. I will read them again soon.


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