Mind Management

Trading part time has thrown up a new set of challenges like missing moves and then forcing trades when I am in a position to trade.

Steve Peters “The Chimp Paradox” book is ok and has some useful parts, for example:

Suggested exercise:

The ‘NEAT’ exercise

• Normal
• Expected
• Accepted
• Taken care of

Learn to be NEAT in life

It is Normal to have Chimp outbursts and activity that you will not manage well. Therefore, you should Expect this to happen from time to time. Accept that you are not perfect and this animal is very powerful. Take care of the outburst or activity by appropriate means, such as apologies if you have affected others, or by forgiving yourself if you feel you have let yourself down. Being NEAT means being reasonable with yourself. Whenever you experience any form of Chimp activity that you do not manage well, stop and think NEAT. Accept that this is the way the machine works and then take care of the situation without getting down. Guilt, shame, frustration and other negative emotions are there to help us make repairs not to destroy us. Nobody gets it right all of the time and many of us get it wrong quite a lot of the time. Work on implementing NEAT thinking as a way of dealing with poor Chimp Management. If you have negative emotions, turn these round and use them to move forward. Think of ways to appropriately deal with negative emotions rather then engaging with them.

Parts of it remind me of:

“Amygdala hijack is a term coined by Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ”

Daniel Goleman on Focus: The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment:


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