DAX/ES update 31/Jan/2014


  • ES wild today. Price gapping down 20 handles overnight.
  • 1765/71 were heavily sold, above 1765/71 will squeeze those shorts. It is my line in the sand area. Lots of longs are trapped above 1781
  • If lower then 1752 HVN key area below, not necessarily a buy.
  • Daily range has been 17 handles putting ATR at 1748 if it opens at 1765
  • The low could be 1743 or lower if above avg sell side volume and cannot bounce at the open and take out 1771.

On Dax – once yesterdays lows were taken out with high volume (9.20 GMT on chart). A “late short” was never in trouble.


ES took things lower a small bit before DAX on one leg, taking DAX with it, helped by the Euro.


Template area from Mid dec – showing 68/74 area:



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