Jungian Personality types and trading

I did a personality test in 2011 and from that I realised my IT job was too restrictive and that I needed a creative job away from routine.

There are 16 different personality types:


You can take free tests or this one which I paid $9 for.

From that page:


Mine is ENFP –

Extraversion, Intuitive, Feeling, Perception:


According to Van Tharp Personality Type and Trading, Eight Part Series:

People with highly developed EN can easily come up with speculative or imaginative solutions to a problem. They can jump from the present condition to the outcome without considering a step by step process. They are great at brainstorming and continually come up with new ideas. More of our top traders showed EN dominance than any other processing mode.

This is fortunate for me as I think “Intuition vs Sensing”, “Feeling vs Thinking”, “Perception vs Judging” are preferable personality traits for trading and other creative pursuits I am interested in. Some people who prefer certainty have difficulty adapting to the dynamic world of trading where you need to tolerate ambiguity often.


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