a note to those harvesting information from here

I set this site up to share information with people learning the ropes of trading. I am not looking for anything in return for this. I get satisfaction from sharing this information with others. It is also really nice to find someone with a small bit of the same interest or approach.

Trading is such a vague pursuit and many people have the wrong ideas. This stuff can be learned and can be taught only by someone who can do it. To be able to do it well you have to work very very hard, much harder than you expected. There are lots of smart people with the best resources competing in this game.

I just want to show my thoughts. I pay forward what was given to me in this same spirit by others and one person in particular who was really good but also faced adversity and many setbacks on his way to becoming a profitable trader.

I have also in the past given money to various “trading educators” and “trading vendors” they turned out to be anything from useless to downright shady. I want to avoid anyone paying for any education where possible – most info is available for cheap in books, for free to download or by finding the right sources, interacting and a lot of observing.

WordPress stats shows me that people are coming to the site, they visit 50 pages, click all the links, download everything they can and rarely come back, e.g:


I might be wrong about what motivates peoples but from what I see annoys me. I put a lot of time into research and maintaining this. I am annoyed that some just like to rip off everything they can. Maybe you could set up some sort of training course with the material here.

As a result of this type of behaviour I hid some important downloadable content a few months ago. I even left a note on the page saying:

For access to the downloads page please contact me or send me a message on twitter.

Not one single person asked me for access. It is ironic as there are a lot more tools needed to navigate the markets and I could share them but people seem to prefer a smash and grab instead of being honest and asking for it.

A word of warning: trying to bite off more than you can chew is a recipe for disaster. There are no shortcuts to learning to trade successfully. You need 3-4 years and have to be well financed and motivated. Dishonesty, stealing, lying to yourself and others will lead to failure in this business.

There is a famous quote attributed to Hunter S. Thompson that goes something like this:

The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.

Trading appears to be worse and I have very little tolerance for those peddling bullshit.


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