The Wisdom of Jesse Livermore



From How to Trade In Stocks – By Jesse Livermore:

Spikes and One-day Reversals:

Livermore was very wary of any aberration in the price or volume of a stock that he was tracking. Sometimes, the price would spike, accompanied by abnormally heavy volume of at least a 50 percent increase over the average daily volume. This often led to what he named One-Day Reversals or trading climaxes. They often were like a red flag warning of a change of trend.

An aberration to him was any strong deviation from what was normal for the stock. He considered a spike in the stock price, high volume, as well as low volume, all aberrations, deviations from the norm. To him, these were possible danger signals, and often signals to exit a trade.

The spiking pattern is often a result of pent-up energy in the stock, as in a pressure cooker. It…

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