ES chart 18/12/14

Areas of interest after the close last night:


Chart as it was at the time:


Below is the chart as it is now with the areas I mentioned shown:

As people struggled to understand what was happening price stopped at the gap + HVN 2029 area and 2035.5, continuing on to 2047 nvpoc. Volume was lower than the last few days but still 46% above 20 day avg.

(chart last night was cash session, this is 24 hour session as price gapped up and stayed up – I am not sure why that level was 2037 on my chart from last night and now is lower by ~2 pts on all charts …)

Aqua coloured area is an lvn below 2060 which is the big one. Price looks determined to close at the highs but there are a few days and it can get thin.



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