Charts 3rd June 2015 ES, DAX, EUR

ES: Developing value line moved up from 2095 to 2101 and another HVN developing 2012 which is pivotal.


Recent range.

ES didn’t sell into the close for the first time in 4 sessions.

Large volume selling was absorbed at the close on Friday and open on monday. This was well in excess of any volume for either of those 60 min periods on the chart. 2100/02 marked due to the blood red profile of the 05/11 which was gapped over 3 days later.

2021 gap
2024 hvn of upper balance
2127 nvpoc


Similar idea on DAX but it looks to be building a value area at 11450.

Watching delta and volume and volume vacuum above.

Nothing is guaranteed but holding above 11350 is key, lower reference 12000. If it holds 11350 then potential upside to 11650, 11725 maybe another crack at 11800. DAX has shown it is not afraid to rally as buyers are waiting on pullbacks to the lows of the May range.


Euro has neutral delta for today and trended through poorly auctioned areas. 1.1360-1.1460 above , downside references 1.1140, 1.1060, 1.0980


Edit to add weekly range chart, keeping an open mind for 2150/60 so long as 2090’s hold and the DAX doesn’t break down (I would expect DAX it to make a rally attempt again in any case before anything else happens).


I dont usually read the estimates for the S&P but some predicted 2200/2300+ by year end


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