Commitment of Traders charts 2nd August 2015

Gold chart.


Gold with some annotations


Chart below is showing the complete breakdown in the net Non-Commercial (speculative positions) and net Non-Reportable (others, associated with small speculators or those who hold positions below the threshold for categorization as one of the others). I broke out non-reportable to the 2nd chart and matched the scales as best I could to show you that category on its own, isolated from the bigger ones. Note, the net positions of all 3 add up to 0 so I know it is correct.

Some people are looking to fade the down move. It does make sense that producers would want price low but maybe not too low that they put themselves out of business. When they close large short positions the market logically will go up however what is to stop it bouncing $50/$100 before beginning another leg of decline. Either way open interest in gold is falling back to pre-2007 levels


Having added the non-reportables I noted increased activity in that category in ES. I was not looking at this much. Again the net positions adds to 0 and I will look more in the dis-aggregated data for a breakdown. Who is buying the ES here?

es 5 yrs

I doubt I was the only one that noticed but I emailed CFTC on the 5th of July about their data. They were even nice enough to answer me and tell me the issue was being dealt with. It appears on their page now.

July 2, 2015: The column heading for the “Report Date” field in the Historical Compressed reports will be corrected to match previous years’ reports.  Additionally, the Consolidated contract markets will revert back to their correct names in the “Market_and_Exchange_Names” column of reports.  Both corrections will be available on the next publication date of the Commitments Of Traders report, Monday, July 6, 2015.”


3 thoughts on “Commitment of Traders charts 2nd August 2015

    • Haha, I can’t fully escape, “trading” to me is placing trades 🙂
      Even if not doing that I like to know what lies beneath.

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