Key posts

Updated Dec 2015

I added the first 5 for other people who asked me

Basics of Trading (1) – initial setup and charting

Basics of Trading (2) – Support and Resistance

Times to Trade / Psychology

what is support and resistance – old

why support becomes resistance

These posts have been on this page a long time, some since I started trading.

a small note on market profile

trader psychology

one step away from unrestrained terror

I started reading some of the posts from 2013

being right and losing

mark douglas – Fundamental Truths of Trading / Principles of Consistency

These are some things I found when I started trying to understand a bit more than candlesticks, trend lines, moving averages and started examining volume and delta:

role of futures in black monday

market delta strategy guide

Larry Williams – Long Term Secrets to Short term Trading

Market Profile Trading Concepts @

Trading with statistics @

jigsawtrading – understanding liquidity and market structure – very highly recommended, some aha moments for me reading this one.

Some pdfs for people starting out, wykckoff stuff is really good for understanding what the market is doing:



Stevie Nison – Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

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